Kune kune pigs

Our Pigs

We rear Kune Kune pigs, which are a native breed to New Zealand. We especially love that Kune Kune in Maori means fat and round, as this is a perfect description to our little group of piggies!

We keep our pigs as naturally as possible. They live outside all year round and we feed them very little, letting them choose what they need nutritionally. They have a huge area to roam, although their favourite place to hang out is in our large ancient oak plantation, where they tend to gorge themselves on acorns, particularly over the winter months. They stay in our area of rough grazing all year round, where we are using them to support natural tree regeneration.

We chose to keep Kune Kune pigs as they are known to be a hardy breed, with their thick hair, and require very little (if any) supplementary feed. They are incredibly friendly animals and are generally a pleasure to be around. Kune Kunes are also known as the pig that grazes, as they will happily munch on grass as well as root, although their little snouts mean that they tend to not totally plough up a field when they do root.

We do not deny that our pigs are fat, but this is good fat, produced from pasture. Every year we make the most of this fat and produce a small quantity of charcuterie, which is only available to buy directly from us.