Wilder Gowbarrow

Wilder Gowbarrow is part of our mission to improve the sustainability of our farm business as well as our environment. It is a joint project between Gowbarrow Hall Farm and Wilderculture C.I.C.

The aim of the project is to operate a hybrid of ‘rewilding’ and regenerative farming, restore nature and landscape function while also contributing significantly to sustainable nutrition security and farm profitability by producing high quality 100% grass fed meats. This is a first for the UK uplands and aims to demonstrate that we can produce a sustainable supply of nutrient rich healthy foods from land that is unsuitable for plant food production.

For more information on the project, please go to www.wilderculture.com/wilder-gowbarrow-project/ 

Wilderculture C.I.C runs courses from the farm, which talk through many of the regenerative agriculture principles we are applying on the farm and supports land managers also looking to apply holistic management approaches, particularly for upland settings. We can also host pre-arranged walking tours on the farm for those who want to see the project in action. 

To book a place on a a course, please go the to Wilderculture events page: https://www.wilderculture.com/events/